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May your chalice always be full! Please read the important info.

iPhone 15 cases available now.

    Witchcraft Phone Grip

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    Black MASK
    Gold MASK
    Silver MASK
    The metallic custom phone grip ring is held securely in place on the back of the phone and blends perfectly with your case or phone body.  Simply slide out the metallic ring to slide on your finger and view your phone in any direction.

    Built in swivel allows you to rotate your phone a full 360° to adjust for your viewing angle.   

    The base custom phone grip GripRing is available in 3 colors: Bohemian Silver, Luxury Gold, and Piano Black

    • NoDrop mechanism
    • Magnetic material to attach to your cash dashboard or any magnetic holder
    • Adjustable kickstand to turn your phone into a mini-TV
    • Adhesive base for easy applications


    Witchcraft Phone Grip

    hand crafted

    quick shipping

    magic included