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Goddess Hekate Framed Canvas Print

Goddess Hekate Framed Canvas Print

Goddess Hekate Framed Canvas Print

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Depiction of Goddess Hekate with her many symbols, hand-drawn in ink. Goddess Hekate is depicted as three figures, each of them holding one symbol. Left figure is holding a key and pointing.

Center figure is holding herbs associated with the Goddess, like poppy, poison hemlock and belladonna, as well as a torch. She has a coiled snake around her neck and new moon crown.

The right figure is the most underground aspect of them all. Both with her pose and hair made of snakes, yet with a crown symbolizing light through the underworld, she's the mysterious one. Hekate is accompanied by two large black dogs and with a strophalos sign in the background, which casts a light streak around the Goddess.

These canvas with high quality print will always look as tight and flat as the day they were made. Every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and prevent deforming.

100% Cotton fabric

Recycled plastic frame

High image quality and detail


Its beautiful! Thank you so much I love it :)
Good service and communication. Contacted me to get more details on what I wanted. Very happy with the results!


Love this little athame! Marouk was awesome about communicating with me about my customizations for the pendant, and it came out better than I could have expected. The chain seems quite sturdy and the athame itself is just perfect. You can tell she worked hard to create something special. Also, the little “hand made” charm at the clasp is really cute. Thanks so much!! And to anyone considering purchasing, go for it and you won’t be disappointed :)


I absolutely love my Athame! Mana really took her time and asked me everything about what I wanted. I really wished I could post 2 pictures so you could see the other side where she placed a Troy carved outline.

I would recommend without reservation anything from Maja. Such a special piece of work.


I am so in love with the athame that Maja custom made for me. It's absolutely gorgeous and feels really powerful. Maja was extremely kind, understanding, and responsive throughout the whole process... offered me options, sent pictures, and delivered so quickly. I can see and feel that she puts her entire being into creating these amazing pieces. She's creative, artistic, spiritually well sourced, and technically a master. I will recommend her to anyone who wants a custom-made athame, and will buy from her again because everything she makes is beautiful and magical.


I don't believe I've ever had anything custom made, but the other positive reviews were very encouraging, especially since I wasn't finding anything that really called to me. And considering this was going to complete my altar, that was very important to me!

I wanted a cat on it somehow, and she had never done one before,and it's perfect! I wasn't sure if I was explaining myself well, but she interpreted it and I'm so so pleased. Has great energy!

The only downside was the wait, but coming from another country during a holiday, I get it. Worth the wait! And she sent me a ring as an apology for the delay. So thoughtful! I've been wearing it everyday 😁


Well made pendant. A real master piece. which has such a
Complicated design and careful construction detailing.
Her communication was excellent and she also made herbal fixes
Specific for my issues.

hand crafted
quick shipping
magic included