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About Us

Welcome to the humble home of our creative family.  
We are a duo of pagan artisans. Our ambition at Crescent Chalice is very simple - to pour our creative essence, passion and magic into one friendly and soul connected community.
We live to share our artistry with others, and as we continue to learn and grow, we welcome all of our friends and visitors along for the ride.
Through drawing, sculpting, weaving, writing and more, we will pursue and explore our dreams and achieve our creativity goals together.
Through magick we live, through change we grow.

Blessed be!


Work table and display area as well. Most of the jewelry pieces are made in my small workroom or at my desk.

Tools and beads and boxes, and more tools and files and my favorite little anvil <3
It rarely looks this tidy though. Sometimes I have several pieces aligned.
The Goddess always looks over my shoulder :) So does Hephaistos.



Black fingers and chipped nails mean I did some magic. ##handmadejewelry ##wip ##artisan ##diy ##fyp ##foryou ##witchcraft

♬ original sound - Tala Seth

 This fluorite pendant is one of the most favorite pieces. This is a slightly sped up process of how it's prepared and built and then antiqued and polished.

hand crafted
quick shipping
magic included