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May your chalice always be full! Please read the important info.

iPhone 15 cases available now.

    LIMITED Custom Handmade Bone Blade Athame.

    $329.00 $209.00
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    Custom made athame with ethically sourced buffalo bone blade and handle made of wood, wire weaving and semi-precious stones.

    A separately made wire figure can be attached to the athame. This item will be invoiced separately depending on the scope of work. If you'd like a special figure added, please let me know.

    Double sided carvings can be invoiced separately, however this depends on the figure carved as well as the complexity of the carving. If the figure is not too complicated there isn't an additional fee.

    Every athame is made after the order and is fully customized to your wishes. There are several modification options including different crystals, carvings, additional wire figures added to the handle, etc.

    Each piece is carefully crafted by me and the only machines are used for carving. One athame takes around a week to be made. Sometimes longer if we're ordering specific stones and need to wait for them to ship. There are coloring options which can shorten that time a bit.

    Athames are purified and blessed on the altar the night prior to being shipped.

    Prices vary for the amount of crystals added since each crystal requires its own weaved wire band.
    If not sure about the design or price, please contact me prior to purchase.
    LIMITED Custom Handmade Bone Blade Athame.

    hand crafted

    quick shipping

    magic included