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    Fire is our will to live, the part of life that is filled with laughter and love.


    The Fire Element

    Fire is the second element in the system of five. It is connected to our adolescent years, noon and summer. The fire is everywhere. It is the very center of life as it provides warmth and light. It is filled with passion and it can be mild or volatile. In the body it is connected to heart, small intestine, pericardium and the triple warmer meridian. When our fire element is low, we suppress our feelings and our goals can become obscured, it becomes difficult to feel the love toward ourselves and others.

    It's important to note that since the fire is connected to our small intestine it plays a paramount role in our ability to make decisions, as it decides what is clean and stays in the body and what is not needed. This goes for both physical and mental matters.
    When there's not enough energy in the fire or it's excessive, we tend to make choices that are bad for us. It is typical for someone with unbalanced fire energy to fall into the same behavioural patterns throughout live. We become unable to feel what is good for us, we have trouble deciding what we need and we tend to choose a wrong partner or a wrong profession because we can't make reasonable decisions. Our emotions get blocked by what our families expect from us or by lack of emotional connections in our past. If we've been lacking love and care from our closest family members this can and will show in our choice of partner until we strengthen our hearts and break the cycle.

    dancing with fire

    The heart energy is easily heard in our voice. When the voice is clear and vibrant, it means that we're able to speak our wishes and our truths and we're able to express our needs and desires. If the voice is stuck, we stutter, it seems like we can't get the voice out at all, it's raspy or high or low pitched, any of those conditions can indicate what's happening to our heart.

    The blockages, lack or excess of energy can cause interesting symptoms. The symptoms showing the fire disturbance can include: flushed face or red tongue, excessive sweating or lack thereof, mental blockages or fog, bad memory, some mental issues, problems with blood pressure, overwhelming feelings, bad circulation, painful joints, inflammations etc.
    When the mind is impacted we see anxiety, agitation, insomnia, disturbed sleep, mania, dramatic outbursts, hyperactivity or ADHD, and hypersexuality. 


    Toxic Fire acts without thinking

    When fire element is excessive to the point where it becomes toxic it often leads to the abuse of loved ones or the opposite sex. Excessive fire that is left out of control is responsible for people attacking their family members, for passion crimes and for rape. The person is choleric, always on the edge, dangerous and unpredictable, yet unable to really love and feel compassion.

    To balance our fire element we want to keep the fire up, but not let it get excessive. Any outbursts should be calmed and techniques like meditation or qi gong are very beneficial. Fire wants us to live up to our dreams, to fight for what we're passionate about and commit to it.

    What are the aspects of the fire element?

    color: red
    organ: heart & small intestine
    sense: speech
    daytime: noon
    season: summer
    taste: bitter
    smell: scorched
    sound: laughing / singing
    movement: upward moving
    direction: south
    time: noon, pregnancy, times of success
    planet: Jupiter
    place: desert
    time of the day: 11am-3pm

    Essential oils that balance fire element: basil, cedar, nutmeg, orange, lime juniper, clove, frankincense, rosemary, rose geranium, tangerine

    Foods and spices that tonify the fire element are: all bitter tasting foods and beverages, bitter lettuces, dandelion salad, goat and sheep milk and cheese, red wine, coffee, turmeric, cacao, brussel sprouts, rucola, rye, olives, beet, grapefruit, salvia, artichoke, green and black tea, beer.


    Our essence lives in our heart

    The heart houses our spirit or Shen. This is what makes us us. It coordinates all activity in the body: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. This is a person inhabiting our body that controls all 4 aspects of our soul, which reside in our organ systems / elements. If our fire is nurtured and our heart energy is strong, we're highly functional and efficient as a whole person. When the energy of the heart is low, we fail to control and balance all other parts of us, and some systems start being dysfunctional. We can tell which system by the symptoms we develop.

    Our other parts of the soul are:
    Hun, the Ethereal soul, which we already mentioned and which lives in the liver or tree element.
    Yi, the aspect of the soul that makes us think. It lives in the spleen or earth element.
    Po, which is the physical aspect of the soul and resides in our lungs or metal element.
    and Zhi, the willpower of our soul which lives in our kidneys or water element.


    How to use fire element in witchcraft?

    Some of Gods favorite offerings come from this element. No wonder they work so well! Wine is there as our first choice. Additionally we can use dark chocolate, coffee in some cases, rye bread and olives, salvia incense, goat milk...

    Matters of the heart are best resolved around noon. This is valid for love spells as well as cord cutting rituals, which should remove a bad connection to previous partners or family members.
    Manifestation spells that deal with our biggest desires are most potent around this time as well. We can and should use the full potential of the sun, it's light and heat, to indulge in the element.

    Fire can be a very loving or very dangerous element. If suppressed it is bound to flare up and cause trouble.

    How is your fire doing? Do you feel the love toward yourself? Do you feel like you're enough? Do you see a clear path to that passion of yours? Do you enjoy company and time spent with friends.
    Or do you feel restless, chill, distant? Do you belong?

    When our desires are reached and we learn to enjoy ourselves, we're ready to commit and settle down within our new comfortable life. But how do we reach that? Can astral journeys bring us to our goal?

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