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    How To Find Your Familiar Spirit

    This is a short and easy to follow guide through the astral realm.

    Familiar spirits or spirit guides are present in all of the ancient cultures. People have always found a way to connect to nature and find guidance.

    Sit comfortably and imagine a forest you know.

    Look around until you see a path. Follow the path in front of you deeper into the forest.
    As you walk, what do you see?
    What colors, shapes, is it light or dark?

    What do you hear?
    Do you recognize the sounds?
    What are they?

    How does the forest smell?

    How does the air feel?
    Is it cool? Warm?

    As you walk, feel the ground with your bare feet.
    Is it soft, hard, are there leaves?


    The senses in the astral realm bring us deeper into the trance

    Follow the path until you come to a clearing.
    It’s getting darker.
    There is a bonfire there. You can see the clear night sky full of stars.
    You walk to the fire and sit next to it.

    Mesmerized by it you don’t at first see what is going on around you. Yet every now and then you catch a glimpse of movement just behind the tree line.

    The energy feels familiar to you, as if you know it already. You focus on the energy that turns denser and you can feel even more connected to it. As if there’s a tiny light forming in its center that corresponds to the beat of your heart.

    Hesitantly it peeks out of the woods and heads toward you. Your eyes need to adjust from the fire you were watching and you can’t quite make out the shape.

    However as it reaches you, you recognize the spirit.

    What is it? Did it turn into what you imagined it to be or was it a different animal? Or not animal at all?


    Take the time to get to know your familiar spirit

    If you want, you can talk to it, or just enjoy the time together.
    You can name your familiar spirit or ask them if they already have a name. Maybe you knew it all along?

    Once you’re ready you can get up and return using the same path you came from.
    You’ll be able to return there any time following the same technique. As you get to know your familiar better, you’ll be able to call it to assist you.

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