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Litha Is Upon Us

We’re gearing up for summer here at Witchy Stuff!

Many new designs will be rolling out this season and we’re bringing in some new artists too. Stay tuned for new gods, goddesses, spirit animals, jewelry and more, and follow us on facebook and instagram for sneak peaks of upcoming art, information about sales we’ll be running, and other witchy news.

Feel free to contact us on facebook and instagram with suggestions for new designs you’d like to see, or give us feedback on the ones we already have. We’re always happy to answer your questions and connect with our followers and fans!

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Behold! The artists


My idea for this store has taken some time to ripen, but I’ve finally landed on the concept I want.

There may already be a bunch of decent stores out there that offer all that your witchy heart desires, but I really wanted to offer a very personal experience for people interested in this niche rather than trying to make a quick and thoughtless sale.

This is why I’ve decided to invite some additional remarkable talents within this community to show off the items they’ve created as well. Most of these items are jewelry and ritual tools. The people I’ve decided to work with understand how important the energy in a piece of jewelry or altar tool is, especially ones that are being purchased to be used in magical work. Most of our work can be personally customized and we encourage you to ask for the version that will fulfill your desires. Some items are ONLY sold as custom made orders like the big bone blade athames and some wands and pendulums.

If you’d like something made for you that isn’t listed please contact us. We most likely have an artist that will be able to make the item.

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