About Us


We are wild, we are who we wanted to be. We are proud of being witches, pagans, magical, healers, intense, ourselves, dream walkers and wonderful minds.

All our designs are originals!
And all our handmade items are crafted by amazing people and wonderful artists.

If you’re an artists that wants their items listed on Witchy Stuff, please contact us.
“Meet my Familiar” is a series that addresses the hidden part of us and brings us closer to our spirit guide. Just as we are unique personalities, so are our animal spirits. So why not wear them with pride?
All the spirits are handdrawn. We’ve chosen to make them look simple and elegant.
Which one is yours?



Wiresmith and ritual tool crafter, mom, herbalist, witch, and the mind behind the familiars.

Our clay artist and the lady who can model what other realms have shown her with her hands.