Crescent Chalice Store

is Coming Soon

Dear visitor, during the store reconstruction the site will be unavailable as well.

We started our brand as Witchy Stuff, proudly offering our crafts, supplies and designs to the community.
The desire to create and inspire has been in our souls for as long as we can remember, but with time our passion has evolved and taken on a more serious and dedicated form. While our original goals as both a business and a family of pagan artisans remains unchanged, we have decided to change our name.

We are a creative family. Both of us as well as our kids have been blessed with unstoppable curiosity and a thirst for art. There aren’t enough hours in a day to accommodate everything we’d like to learn, try and explore. We draw, we sculpt, we weave, we write and we are forever thankful for living in such a fulfilling state of existence. Starting today, we’ll continue on with Crescent (Moon) Chalice as our new identity. Through change we grow, just like the moon. Through magick we live, just as it’s meant to be.Blessed be!

We will soon announce the release date.